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Affiliates affected by AdWords policy change

Many affiliate marketers use Google AdWords to get traffic to their pages. Some indulge in arbitrage, where a cheap PPC click brings traffic that might click an AdSense ad on the landing page that delivers a greater payout per click.

A recent post in the Inside AdWords blog brings bad news to some affiliates and others who fall in these categories. They will be awarded low Quality Scores if they have:

  • Data collection sites that offer free gifts, subscription services etc., in order to collect private information.
  • Arbitrage sites that are designed for the sole purpose of showing ads.
  • Malware sites that knowingly or unknowingly install software on a visitor’s computer.

It would be interesting to know if such sites can be determined algorithmically. How can a human determine that a site has a “sole purpose” and no more?

Google is getting serious about quality and this should silence some sceptics who say that Google doesn’t mind who clicks an ad on any site — The following types of sites will no longer quality for cheap clicks:

  • eBook sites that show frequent ads
  • “Get rich quick” sites
  • Comparison shopping sites
  • Travel aggregators
  • Affiliates that don’t comply with Google affiliate guidelines.

I don’t know what is meant by a “frequent ad” — do they show ads frequently? Where? Again, this list is bound to include some advertisers who don’t see themselves as dodgy.

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