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Facebook privacy concerns? Think outside the Platform API.

A lot of articles about tightening up Facebook security are flooding my Facebook news feed. I knew that one needs to check one’s Privacy and other settings frequently, but here is an interesting conundrum. I noticed that my setting for the Platform API was on, even though I recall turning it off at some time.

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Facebook Contest Guidelines Explained

All popular Facebook Pages run contests — it’s a great way to get fan interaction and it’s a great way to attract new fans. I’ve personally gained many hundred real fans for my clients using Facebook Contest Apps that I’ve created and they work great. However, most pages have contests where they simply ask users […]

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Why your Facebook Page could get removed by Facebook without warning

I spend a lot of time checking the business pages of local businesses and other businesses that I like on Facebook. Facebook marketing is part of my job, so I’m very critical and observant of what other people do. I’ve found that lot of these pages are either very boring or the ones that are […]

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The correct way to make an App for your business: Hungry Jack’s Makes It Better app for iPhone and Android

I am one of those people who has their iPhone in their hand basically every moment of every day. I’d have it my hand right now if my hands weren’t busy typing this. I have spent hundreds of dollars on apps over the past few years and I’ve lost interest in a lot of them quickly and […]

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Why are some Marketing and PR experts scared of social networking?

Keith Nallawalla

13 September 2012


For quite some time I have been concerned that Marketing and PR staff at major companies are scared of social media. This might sound crazy or uneducated, but these are common reasons why they will not allow their companies to have a Facebook page: No time to maintain it No budget to maintain it People will […]

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Facebook now allows Post Scheduling for Business Pages

Facebook has been unveiling a lot of new features on a regular basis in the past few months leading up to their IPO. One new feature in their post IPO updates has been Post Scheduling for Business Pages . This update seems long overdue and it is surprising Facebook never got around to doing it […]

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Understanding Facebook Games (For Parents)

Other than being a great social networking website, Facebook is also a very popular gaming website. Millions of people participate in games on Facebook regularly and like many other gaming or internet activities, it is something that may cause some issues if the parents do not understand how Facebook games work and if the children […]

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Better screening needed for Facebook ads

Facebook should have a better screening process for their ads. Every now and then I notice scams and other questionable gift card contests and whatnot popping up on Facebook. I probably should have blogged about those earlier. A little while ago I noticed a few actual paid ads that are obvious scams. The two I […]

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Time for businesses to finally bite the Timeline bullet

Now that Facebook has given all Pages the new Facebook Timeline there has never been a better time to move your business from a personal profile or a Group to a proper Facebook Page. Sure there are some issues with it for businesses that had pages previously, but to a business that hasn’t used the […]

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Integration between Social and SEO is great news for users.

In the old days companies would have different teams for their social and SEO work. SEO was just about getting found by users and the social team (if there even was a social team) would try and keep those people around. Now, inbound links from notable social media accounts (likes, shares, +1s etc) can “vote” […]

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SEO Tip: Facebook Groups ARE indexed by Google

Ash Nallawalla

19 September 2010

Facebook, SEO

This isn’t breaking news, but Google definitely indexes Facebook Group pages and has done so since October 2009, as reported by in Google Now Indexes 620 Million Facebook Groups in February. I discovered it recently by accident and then went looking in Google to find out why I hadn’t heard earlier. Yahoo also indexes […]

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