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Clueless Indian link monkeys revisited

Ash Nallawalla

19 May 2008


Indian link spammerBeing an Indian by birth and an SEO, nothing riles me more than seeing Indians behaving badly on the international stage known as the Web, particularly link monkeys.

I run many sites, one being a directory of Australian and New Zealand websites. In the registration email, I say

SEOs please note: Do NOT submit sites that are not about Australia or New Zealand, else your account will be deleted.

Indian SEOs: Read the above para in case you missed it.

There is an idiot of a link monkey who gives his address as “Block-B/191, Lohia Nagar, Ghaziabad 201001” or “191, Block – B, Rahul Palace, Lohia Nagar, Ghaziabad-201001” depending on his mood. He is always pushing some recovery software website – partition recovery, flash drive recovery, pictures recovery, etc. Clearly, he cannot read English, as I keep deleting his account and his submissions. But he keeps resubmitting the numerous websites that are all registered to one Tarun Tyagi, also of Ghaziabad. Tarun, if you read this, fire that link monkey!

Just take a look at this poor, unsuspecting directory that was spammed by the same idiot: A screen shot is on the right. Here is another, and another.

Submitting links to low-value directories does nothing for ranking. Getting a link from a reputable website in the same industry is worth a thousand of these spammy submissions.

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