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Community management pays off for Big Four banks

Ash Nallawalla

26 August 2011


While browsing through my Tweetdeck, I couldn’t help noticing the @NAB search column nearly full of praise from customers and retweeters. Disclosure: I consulted to this division of NAB (i.e. Direct Banking, which includes social media management) until a few months ago and I am still consulting to UBank at a different location.

Bank Twitter stats
Recent Twitter activity from the Big Four banks. (click to enlarge)

happy nab tweetsWith that out of the way, it is always refreshing to see positive tweets and not just customers venting at companies. Some banks are still not fully on board with social media, but the Big Four have made a start (some better than others). Tweets are amplified by retweets; the number of followers of a retweeter increases the visibility of positive (and negative) tweets. Some people have one or more followers who have a huge audience – this is the case with one of the people on the right. 🙂

In reality, the past 3-4 days saw network problems for several banks and there was the expected reaction from customers.

Some months ago, iGo2 blogged Which #Australian Bank has the greatest Voice on Twitter? Back then, ANZ Bank was not active on Twitter. Times change: ANZ Bank launched their Twitter account @anz_au on 4 July this year and it is getting active.

Westpac had an outage earlier this week, so their Twitter account @westpac has endured a bit of angst similar to the kind seen by the other banks from time to time when their systems go down.

CommBank tweets from @netbank, but a lot of people are still directing their tweets to @commbank. @NetBank is on the ball and replies to them, but I wonder if those customers realise that the response is from a different account.

happy with @anz_auDitto all the poor souls typing to @anz (owned by some individual in Japan), but @anz_au is also on the ball and replies promptly. When something breaks, a customer is going to guess the business’ Twitter handle and let the fingers do the rest.

It’s a sobering reminder for businesses to grab their brand name when any new social network opens. offers a handy solution for that need.



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