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Indian SEOs again under the microscope

Ash Nallawalla

25 October 2007


Edward Lewis, who posts as pageoneresults, a moderator on Webmasterworld, is a man after my heart. We have similar high ideals about quality in the SEO profession. Entry into his SEO Consultants directory is very difficult and anyone who does not meet his high standards is removed immediately, if not sooner. I have a high regard for his SEO knowledge and follow his writings on WW. (At present, he is very close to the California bush fires so let’s wish they are put out very soon.)

Anyway, this is not about Edward, but about his sense of humour. Check out his Clueless SEO page, which is aimed at link requestors who send link requests to inappropriate websites. All the simians on that page have Indian names, so it seems that he has received one link request too many from someone with an Indian name. See also the SEO Link Exchange link which lists many SEO companies from various countries who made the mistake of spamming him.

I can’t say I blame him. I have an Australia and New Zealand directory where my registration acknowledgment email reminds the new member that I only want websites that are in or about Australia or New Zealand. Then I place a new paragraph below telling Indian SEOs to read the previous paragraph.  It seems to be working, as I see a lot of applications that are not followed by link submissions. Before I did that, I had a daily chore of deleting non-AU/NZ submissions submitted by people with Indian names or whose IP addresses resolved to India.

Regardless of your nationality, if you have linkers on your staff, please beat them with a clue stick if they send link requests to inappropriate sites. Perhaps they don’t care if their submission is deleted, but this isn’t a long-term customer retention tactic. It doesn’t take much more time to check the suitability of a potential link partner, so why not get it right the first time?

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