Physician (PageRank kind), heal thyself

Ash Nallawalla

18 September 2008


This site needs some PR love badly!I got one of those daily unsolicited emails from Indian outsourcing wannabes to my training business address. Of course, it was from a Gmail address from someone called “Leon Dawson” at a company called PR4 Links. My training business is hardly likely to need link outsourcing services, but spammers don’t really care about that.

I am not sure if that came from the company that calls itself PR4 Links Consultants, as they live one postcode away from the spammer. Nevertheless, I should connect the two with one another as the website certainly could do with some more PR love to get it to PR4. Sad to say, it’s only getting a no-follow from this page. 🙁

Ash Nallawalla

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  • Mark Antony on 18 October 2008

    I’ve had some of that unsolicited nonsense too, allegedly from nigeria 👿 I don’t stress over PR, it takes care of itself, ultimatley. Building content is the real issue for me.

    Well done with your site 🙂

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