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President Obama’s pages archived

Ash Nallawalla

22 January 2017

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After Mr Donald Trump became the president at noon today (USA EST), many reported that the website removed references to Climate Change and LGBT. That isn’t entirely accurate. The website up to that point has been archived and can be found at

New home for Obama's White House pages
New home for President Obama’s White House pages

The LGBT URL was but it redirects to this temporary page

White House 404
404 error page

The page is now at – why didn’t someone tell the new team how to set up a redirect script so that all old URLs that won’t exist at can still be found. Maybe they don’t want them to be found?

LGBT pages
New URL for LGBT pages – click this image to go there.

The climate change pages are now at

Climate pages
The Climate Change pages at its new URL – click image to go there.

Other old White House pages

As best as I can tell, if you have an old URL, just replace with and add the rest of the URL to it. For example, to get to (to reach Joe Biden’s page), just go to and so on. Looks like it’s all there at the location, but some links will have broken.

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