Quality content writing – an elusive beast

Ash Nallawalla

4 May 2008


This headline made me smile and I wondered if the writer can see the irony in his post:

New Indian Generation Loosing Quality??

Well in my case its true. New generation of designers and writers which is coming in the market are becoming money minded and just want MONEY with no Quality return. In last few months I am facing this issue with my regular writers and designers. I used to believe them so much that I add stuff which they have given with a simple go through and without confirming the details. I think why should I check with so much detail when I am paying them! BUT BUT BEWARE! never believe anyone in the market. These people out there are are doing nothing but NO QUALITY WORK.

The rest of the post laments the lack of quality in outsourced written content and programming and is equally amusing to read. It begs the question, “Who is fit to judge quality?”.

I found the post via a comment on a post by Amit Patel entitled, “Stay Away from [company name] Content Writers”. It too is full of ironic prose such as:

Getting work done by freelancers is not always the best thing because there are always negative factors of the same. Recently i was in need of some huge content and i was referred to a content writer who was running a company from New Delhi on the name of [company name and URL] and this lady who added me on Yahoo took my first articles order and then came back with the articles set after a huge amount of time, though i was in a idea that she ran away.

The writers didnt knew the spelling of ‘Chennai’, ‘beautiful’ kind of simple words and called themselves real professions, which may be in their dream.

It is not my intention to critique bloggers who are seeking quality written content, as I support their call for better quality control from freelancers, particularly content writers.

In the West, the consensus among SEOs is that one cannot expect good writing from the Third World, even though the price might be cheap. I am pleased to say that all rules have exceptions and that I have found such a quality supplier in India. They have provided hundreds of articles for some of Australia’s well-known SEO companies and others. I am about to send them a large order, so I am not ready to share their identity yet.

In the meantime, I recommend that content writers take some of the following advice, which should not add a lot to their workload:

  • Offer a free written sample to the customer before taking the order, as this offers a level of comfort that the supplied content will be at least of the same quality.
  • Offer money back on any content that is rejected.
  • Write the content in Microsoft Word or a similar word processor and set the language to the locale of the customer, e.g. Australian English. Run the spelling and grammar checker and follow its recommendations carefully but not blindly.
  • The writer should famililarise himself with the style of English used in the target country in that particular industry. Trust me, English isn’t always the same the world over.
  • Before delivering the content to the client, check unusual sentences with a Google search, to satisfy yourself that the writer didn’t copy something from another website.
  • Check everything on your own website and your emails for writing excellence. You are not credible if your own website contains spelling and grammatical errors.

Ash Nallawalla

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