Sherpa for Majestic Chrome Extension – Review

Ash Nallawalla

21 October 2017

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Most professional SEOs I know use for reliable backlink data. Majestic provides a lot of data about the links to a site, including data about the quality of those links. I have used it for many years, from the time it was known as Majestic SEO. I usually enter the URL of the domain of interest and I am given the relevant information.

Sherpa for Majestic

I was one of the early testers of a free Chrome extension known as Sherpa for Majestic, which is made by fastfwd. I could not imagine how a Chrome extension would help me in a way I could not already get from Majestic directly. So I installed it, only to find that it didn’t work with Google Australia. That was quickly resolved by Rishi Lakhani’s team and today we have a mature, released product.

Sherpa extension

The extension installed correctly and after linking it to my Majestic account, I did a Google Search. The SERP was modified slightly as per the image below.

SERP with Sherpa

Sherpa for Majestic adds a control panel on the left and data blocks below each search result. You can also turn off ads and regain some screen space.

I enabled some options to highlight certain words in the URL and in the result, so you are seeing some yellow and green highlights. You can choose to see more than 10 results from a selector in the left margin, that is, without going to the search settings. Each search result is numbered, which becomes more useful when you have more than 10 results.


You may have noted from the screen shots that you can do your own ranking analysis for a search term of interest. As per the example above, the #1 ranking page has lower Trust Flow (TF) than the lower-ranking results. It does not have the highest Citation Flow (CF) either. OK, experienced SEOs know that backlinks alone don’t influence ranking positions, but this type of data on a SERP page enables me to look at the top ranking URLs and look for backlink patterns, if any. In this home insurance niche, it seems that the top ranking sites have a similar Topical TF.

The fastfwd page has more details about the data the extension provides. You will want to use it.



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