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How to transfer a domain name to GoDaddy

Ash Nallawalla

30 October 2010


I had an unused domain at Yahoo! Domains (the mechanics of which are operated by Melbourne IT). I had bought it when the price was ridiculously cheap – $0.99 or $1.99. I think I tried to move it to GoDaddy some years ago, which has most of my domains, but gave up. I tried it […]

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Double Whammy for Domain Name Tasters

Ash Nallawalla

31 January 2008


First came the news from ICANN last week that domain tasting will largely disappear. Not totally, because the practice hasn’t been banned, but it won’t be free anymore. The ICANN Board passed a motion to include fees for all domains added, including domains added during the AGP, and encourages community discussion involved in developing the […]

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