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Upgrading an iPhone 3GS to iPhone 5

Ash Nallawalla

22 September 2012

iphone, SEO

I have had an Apple iPhone 3GS for nearly three years and its chief annoyance to me was the camera. Any excuse to upgrade to the iPhone 5. I missed the earliest order date so I was happy to wait the estimated two weeks. As luck would have it, Optus sent me an SMS to […]

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Review: Social Media Judo

Ash Nallawalla

1 September 2011


Judo is a gentle art of self defence where you use an opponent’s strength against them, instead of pitting your strength in their direction. It was my favourite sport at college. Nick White, Geoff Nelson, Chris Aarons with Dan Zehr have self-published Social Media Judo, a 167-page guide to social media for business. The book […]

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