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Threadwatch closing today?

Ash Nallawalla

29 June 2007


Aaron Wall of Seobook fame is closing TW. This post is getting pushed down the home page in an ironic display of how popular the site is/was among the CognoSEOnti (the .com is still available if someone wants to grab it).

Threadwatch was originally a site that alerted the busy SEO to the most pertinent news, forum or blog posts of note, followed by local discussion of the same. I never managed to get a single new story started there, so I wasn’t exactly a daily TWer. Its captchas required at least three tries before you managed to decipher the letters. Almost all interesting discussions seemed to be polluted by shock jocks who love stirring the pot and showing off the latest word they picked up in the pub.

Will it close, or will Aaron allow someone else to take over remains to be seen.

[Update: Yes, it closed.]

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