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Ash Nallawalla

21 July 2007


I use a few search-engine friendly features on this blog, mainly consisting of these Plug-Ins:

  • All-in-One SEO Pack, by uberdose. I can:
    • place a customised Title and Description meta tag on the home page and add tags (keyphrases) to every post.
    • Rewrite Titles
    • Use Categories for META keywords
    • Use Category Description as Title
    • Use noindex for Categories
    • Use noindex for Archives
    • Autogenerate Descriptions

I could pay more attention to the first sentence of each post, as this becomes the re-written Description.

  • Duplicate Content Cure, by Badi Jones. One of the problems with WordPress is that the same post or page can get several URIs, leading to duplicate content, which is “a bad thing” as far as search engines are concerned. This plug-in enables me to exclude the Categories/Archives by placing a meta tag <meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"> automatically. (I no longer use it as the All-in-One SEO Pack above does this as well)
  • Sitemap Generator, by Arne Brachhold. This builds a Google Sitemap and submits it.
  • FeedBurner FeedSmith, originally by Steve Smith, now managed by FeedBurner (owned by Google). This manages all RSS subscriptions.

I also use a custom Permalink:


Give these a go and you should be set to have a search engine friendly blog!

Ash Nallawalla

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