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Ash Nallawalla

3 February 2008

Social Media

Thanks to a comment following Matt Cutts’ post on this topic, I tried a couple of plugins and realised that my understanding of PHP was nonexistent and I could not follow the directions of their authors. Thankfully, Chris Hunt posted a link to a plugin by Rob Marsh, SJ (a Jesuit priest in a teaching order like we had in my old alma mater, St Xavier’s Boys’ Academy, Bombay). This plugin is dead easy to implement – just enable it and go to Options and edit the CSS statement to change the background colour, as per the readme file provided. The default CSS statement merely achieves an indent, which isn’t as striking as changing the background colour.


URL for plugin: Highlight Author Comments



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  • Ash on 3 February 2008

    Here is a reply to a nonexistent comment to show you what it does. Of course, you will need to write a comment to see what that looks like. 😛

  • Greg on 6 March 2008

    This was a huge time saver. Thanks so much for the tip! I was trying to muck around in php, and… let’s just say I’ll stay away from that for the time being.

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