Categories in Outlook 2007

tags in Outlook 2k7My email client is Outlook 2007. I received an email from Feedblitz and noticed something new. There were keywords/tags visible above the From: line. As this notification was for this blog, I recognised them as the tags I had used in those posts.

message optionsUpon examining the full headers via the Options dialog, I noticed this extra line:

Keywords: XPM, Software, Anti Virus, Windows 7, firefox, Social Media, Windows XP Mode, SEO, twitter, obama, Affiliate Marketing

Moreover, the Options dialog itself displays the same words but you can see a Categories drop-down. I chose the “Clear all Categories” in the drop-down, and they were erased from the email, even though I later chose not to save changes.
I can’t find an explanation (too many common keywords in the search term) online and have asked a few friends. Going back over earlier emails from Feedblitz, I noticed they too showed these Categories. I recall reading that Microsoft Word Categories become Keywords in Outlook but can’t find the reference. Anyone have any clues?

Ash Nallawalla

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