How will you use Windows 7 in real life?

Ash Nallawalla

9 August 2009

Windows 7

I played with the Microsoft Windows 7 beta and I am comfortable enough to make the switch from Windows XP Pro. The RTM is out and I am lucky enough to get a copy.

36 hours later I am still downloading Win 7 from the Asia server at about 35 KBit/s on a 1500/256 ADSL connection. 3 hours left to complete. Never mind.

In the meantime, I am thinking about whether I can risk switching from Win XP to Win7 as my primary OS.

Are any of you ready to do that? If you are, how are you addressing:

  • Antivirus, e.g. Norton, AVG (a lot of people use free ones)
  • Image backups e.g. Acronis
  • VoIP/SIP apps e.g. Skype, X-Lite
  • Mobile phone apps e.g. Nokia Suite
  • Twitter apps

I appreciate that the answer is “it depends on whether a particular app has been updated for Vista/Win7” but I am talking about the ones you need to work immediately, e.g. Outlook sync, AV and backups.

Also note – by “you” and “I”, I am really thinking about the early adopters in October – the ones who don’t have MSDN/TechNet or journalist connections, or are not particularly loyal to one vendor.

My initial approach will be to install Windows 7 on a separate drive and add my current applications to it. I know the older apps will probably not work and that the brand name apps might get a free update or not work at all. But I am curious to see if all the little freeware apps I have collected will still work.

How are you planning to make the move to Windows 7?

Ash Nallawalla

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