Link Juice iPhone App Has Potential

I saw a tweet from @Dixon_Jones:

New Link analysis app for the iphone! Very cool. has majesticseo moz and semrush data.

Link Juice app

I bought it for $2.49 and checked it out. I entered my URL and pressed Done.

 Link Juice app

Waiting, waiting. Oh, there’s a Link Juice button up there. Does it take me to the beginning? Try it.

 Link Juice app

Success. The numbers in the top box are not clickable. OK, let’s try the links below. The first one I try is SEMRush.

Link Juice app

Let’s try another one. SEOmoz Linking Domains:

 Link Juice app

Hmm. Let’s try MajesticSEO:

Link Juice app

Hmm, I need More Details, and there’s a handy green button. Let’s see where it takes us:

Link Juice app

Oh, it needs permission. OK:

Link Juice app

Now I’m annoyed. This isn’t “more detail” about the link stats I was looking at but the app was closed and I am now in the browser looking at a non-mobile web page that has to be enlarged to be legible and it doesn’t even have my URL preloaded, waiting to be clicked.

The SEOmoz information is fairly detailed, but the MajesticSEO and SEMRush data is minimal – just three values from MajesticSEO:

  • Indexed URLs
  • External Backlinks
  • Referring Domains

and three from SEMRush:

  • SEMRush Rank
  • SEMRush Traffic
  • SEMRush Cost

I can’t say I recall hearing about SEMRush before and it hasn’t heard of my site, as it estimates my traffic to be 166 visitors per month.


This is Version 1.0 and I am underwhelmed. I can imagine an SEO using this app while visitng a client but it isn’t something I’d be using in a coffee shop or in the crapper. It has the feel of a lead generator for SEMRush and MajesticSEO and not a good one at that, since we don’t get a mobile site in the browser.

Given the name of the app, Link Juice, I can’t see how the SEMRush data has anything to do with links. The SEOmoz data seems to come from Open Site Explorer, which is worth a visit in a desktop browser or a mobile browser if that’s all you’ve got. MajesticSEO is also well worth a visit with a desktop browser.

But the app has potential, i.e. provide more detail, or a connection with

Ash Nallawalla

Search strategist experienced in large, complex websites. SEO consultant.

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  • Charlie Irish on 7 May 2010

    Hi Ash,
    Thanks so much for the review – we at Ignite Fly created the app. I particularly like it when you said it’s the perfect SEO app for the crapper!

    I agree with all your points above (*) and we’re hard at work improving and fixing for the next version which is free to those that download it now.

    * However, I’m not sure about linkdiagnosis:

    What are your views?

    Charlie Irish
    Founder, Ignite Fly Ltd

    • Ash on 8 May 2010

      I saw Aaron’s post and the one he referenced by John Andrews, but you get what you pay for.

      If you are getting something for nothing, then you are still “paying” something for that privilege, i.e. your input (it might not be your data per se). Sites that are queried by SEOs are likely to include high-profile companies, i.e. ones likely to have quality backlinks. This is perhaps quicker than doing what MajesticSEO has done, i.e. crawl the whole web even if a large part of that data may never be queried.

      In the case of LinkDiagnosis, they are upfront about being in the link placement business. Of course they have a wealth of backlink data. They are openly looking for publishers who want to place paid links on their sites. They can look up their data for pages with high link strength and get a sweat shop to contact them to become publishers. I get such emails from time to time.

      I don’t see LinkDiagnosis as being different from any individual or company who offers a web-based tool. Any one of them could have a hidden agenda.

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