Overture tool now shows May results

Ash Nallawalla

24 September 2007


The previous post contained a count for the word “seo” done a few hours ago, when January results were being shown. Now I see May 2007 counts:

Searches done in May 2007
Count Search Term
8585 seo
3105 seo sydney
2128 engine optimization search seo
1572 australia seo
930 seo services
745 analysis seo
701 design seo web
490 expert seo
469 company seo
464 seo software
450 consultant seo
430 firm seo
430 organic seo
399 seo tool
382 melbourne seo
379 australian seo
355 seo service
352 free seo tool
336 company seo uk
328 accessible design melbourne seo site web
317 professional seo
308 seo specialist
307 design seo site web
302 east north seo
296 audit seo
294 company seo services
289 accessible australia design seo site web
284 consulting seo
283 seo services uk
276 brisbane company seo
263 cost low melbourne seo
254 affordable design melbourne seo site web
250 brisbane seo services
250 melbourne organic seo
246 affordable melbourne seo
243 cumulus seo
241 affordable melbourne organic seo
238 affordable seo werribee
238 bay byron seo
237 design melbourne seo site web
235 affordable seo
231 budget melbourne seo
226 australia organic seo
219 affordable organic seo
210 brisbane seo
199 affordable australia organic seo
183 australia budget seo
183 cost low seo
183 optimization seo
179 affordable australia seo
178 affordable design seo site web
178 michigan seo
177 accessible design seo site web
175 organic seo werribee
171 budget seo
168 design seo site web werribee
162 affordable australia design seo site web
160 internet marketing seo
157 australia design seo site web
156 seo smart
154 marketing seo
150 affordable seo services
150 australia expert seo
148 seo werribee
137 company professional seo
135 business seo small
133 cheap seo
127 analysis audit seo site web
127 consultancy seo
121 company marketing seo
113 elite seo
111 dynamic seo
108 company design seo web
104 engine search seo
104 nashville seo web
100 dw23 seo
99 development seo site web
97 promotion seo
93 australia seo services
91 consultant seo sydney
91 seo training
90 expert michigan seo
85 company seo sydney
85 design seo sydney web
78 pakistan seo
75 adelaide seo
73 seo tip
71 hosting seo
69 new seo zealand
68 australia cost low seo
65 learn seo
59 positioning seo services
56 ask expert seo
56 optimisation seo
55 agency seo
54 seo suite
52 joomla seo
51 consultant online secure seo
49 link news.com seo www.free
48 sem seo

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