Spin traffic to your site with the Publicity Wheel

The Publicity Wheel
It’s great to see a local lad launch a lovely world wide web widget to generate traffic. OK, so I got carried away on the alliterations, but check out Mark Schumann’s site Publicity Wheel.

Hat tip to Bill Hartzer for alerting me to this site. In a guest post on Bill’s blog, Mark says he is an e-learning developer who built edutagger, a K-12 social bookmarking site for educators. He also built the Fame Experiment, from which was born the idea for Publicity Wheel.

Publicity Wheel works by placing some code that generates the 125×125 pixel button you see above. Your visitors click this and are taken to the publicitywheel.com site, where they can sign up and get their own button. Each click earns the site owner some points and a pie slice in a conceptual Wheel of Fortune game. More clicks mean more chances to win when the wheel is spun. Winning means their site is “featured”, so people will check out such featured sites and generate the traffic to them.

I won’t be using this button on every page here because the traffic lottery is weighted against me. Being a low traffic site, the number of my readers who own a website are lower; so the chances of them installing this button are even lower. On the other hand, the Publicity Wheel site gets a lot of traffic. 😀

I notice that Bill too did not install the PW button on his site. I wish Mark well with this project.

Ash Nallawalla

Search strategist experienced in large, complex websites. SEO consultant.

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