Unwanted fax spam?

Ash Nallawalla

23 July 2009


If you have a non-business fax machine, as I do, you may get unwanted spam faxes from businesses who use UTBox, which is based in Sydney. UTBox has a “fax opt-out facility” which is after the fact, i.e. you can “opt out” after you have received the unwanted fax. The press release says:

To make it easier for those marketers who wish to utilise an online fax broadcast opt-out mechanism we have introduced dontfax.me. dontfax.me is a website where receivers of un-wanted faxes can register their wish to opt-out.

This is not accurate. If you go to http://dontfax.me, you get this unhelpful screen:

Enter the URL? Isn’t this where one can opt out?

I have no idea if there was an intention to provide an opt-out form there, but the source code of the home page is bewildering. Yes, there is nothing else in the code than what you see below:

<table cellpadding=10 border=0>
		<img src=/images/logo.jpg>
			Please enter the URL with the company name included
	<td colspan=2>
		Tired of wasting paper with your fax machine? Try an <a href="http://www.utbox.net/fax_by_email/">internet fax solution</a> so that your faxes come directly into your email.

Go Green and Save with RingCentral Fax
So far I have received unwanted faxes from the following companies. If you want to avoid getting faxes from them, use the URL next to them to supply your fax number:

If you know of other opt-out URLs, please add them as comments.

Contact the Advertisers

Here are some contact points for the advertisers in case you want to get in touch:

  • Better Telecom = Phone 131 501
  • Global Rags, Richmond VIC 3121 = Phone: 03 9528 3100. Fyshwick = Phone: 02 6248 6011. (and numerous other outlets in Australia)
  • MDF Cleaning = Phone 1300 633 237 (their removal code ACYC didn’t work and the advertiser when called sounded like I wasn’t the first complainant)

    Unsuccessful attempt to unsubscribe
    Unsuccessful attempt to unsubscribe
  • Messages on Hold = Fax: 08 9260 4445
  • Wine Growers Direct, Port Melbourne VIC = Phone 1800 635 331
  • (Nameless entity, advertising 7 Nights Bali Accommodation) = Phone 1800 851 184. In spite of using the nofax.com.au service below to opt out, they spammed me again. Tried to opt out again on 14 September 2009, but note that this form accepts any random, made-up number and tells you that the number was removed. I found their website – Bali Getaways – the domain is owned by Agora Commerce ABN 20782712830. Contact details can be fetched via the form at AusRegistry.
    Unsuccessful attempt to unsubscribe
    Allegedly successful attempt to unsubscribe

Other Fax Broadcasters

The following don’t appear to use UTBox:

EC Credit Control = Fax 1300 361 080

Why Do They Spam?

Simple, as with email spam, as long as enough suckers buy, it is worth the trouble. I have disconnected my fax/printer from the phone line, so it won’t get any more spam. For those of you who need to keep the fax connected, just hope that the technology will be obsolete soon. That date is overdue.

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  • Graeme on 6 August 2009

    Another “unworking” link…

    http://www.dontfax.me/chatswood – Fashion Brands Collective (Smith St, Chatswood)

    • Ash on 6 August 2009

      The form “worked” for me. I entered 02 12345678 and it returned a message to the effect that the number was removed. I doubt such a number exists, so who knows what happened behind the scenes. Try eight zeroes or eight nines…

  • Darryl on 14 September 2009

    This is annoying enough when it’s an actual fax, the problem is the dickheads don’t even check for that. They’ll send spam faxes to voice lines too. So the only solution to that is redirect it to a fax, answer all calls on the fax machine (if you have a fax machine) until the dickhead’s fax comes through, then deal with it by calling the idiots who signed up with these “services” and … well, ‘convincing’ them that it was a really, really bad idea to do so, and they need to pretty much knock it off straight away and do something much better for their reputations like selling crack.

    Honestly, anyone who sends unsolicited faxes really should just be killed. It’s kinder, easier, and better for all concerned.

  • Steve Baker on 23 September 2009

    Just an update, if you get faxes with a reference to http://www.nofax.com.au then call Prospect Marketing on 1800 080401, they take awhile to answer the phone, appears to be a one man operation.

  • Steve on 12 November 2009

    The nofax.com.au company – touting famously that they can help you get off their freakin’ list but you can’t contact them – can be found here.

    Prospect Marketing Pty Ltd
    1800 08 04 01
    Suite 3
    40 Young St
    VIC, 3199


  • Matt on 10 March 2010

    http://www.nofax.com.au looks like a con which only serves to confirm your fax number is legit. They have no other contact information on the website, and they are touting how to get better results from faxing! Don’t waste your time with these people. 👿

  • mii on 16 November 2010

    yes I agree with matt – I don’t think nofax.com.au is legit as we seem to be getting more faxes now after we put our details on the site rather than less – so pls don’t visit the site

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