Book review: Urnabhih: A mauryan tale of espionage, adventure and seduction

Urnabhih means a spider’s web in Hindi, a language you may need to know to get the best value from this historical fiction.I bought the Kindle edition, although a paperback is also available from Amazon India. The plot The spider’s web refers to a web of deceipt and intrigue that is cast across the Mauryan […]

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Review: Social Media Judo

Ash Nallawalla

1 September 2011


Judo is a gentle art of self defence where you use an opponent’s strength against them, instead of pitting your strength in their direction. It was my favourite sport at college. Nick White, Geoff Nelson, Chris Aarons with Dan Zehr have self-published Social Media Judo, a 167-page guide to social media for business. The book […]

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