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Beware of MS Antispyware 2009

A few people are getting sucked into installing MS Antispyware 2009. They go to some site and get a popup offering to install this program. Think about it. Normal websites don’t offer antispyware programs through a popup.

What’s wrong with this program? It contains a virus and the victim actually consents to install it. Sean-Paul Correll has provided an excellent video and a write-up at the PandaLabs Blog about this menace.

What is different about this exploit is the use of hundreds of SEO pages targeting major brands such as Ford and Nissan – search for some specific model or a car part and you will find links (mostly in Poland – .pl) that include dangerous infections as reported by Norton Internet Security.

Targeted Blackhat SEO Attack against Ford Motor Co. from Panda Security on Vimeo.

The following Google search “ nissan” has a few normal results at the top of the page, but then you get dozens of weird subdomains such as (don’t go there):


All of them are marked noarchive, hence you won’t see a Cached link. Most of these are doorway pages to p0rn sites but some also include infectious content.

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