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Does client-side JavaScript act like a 301?

Ash Nallawalla

9 September 2007


Before you shoot me for saying that, take a look at the following SERPs for (I am on its board but not involved with the decision that moved it to two years ago) and check the total page count in the index:

Compare with the results for

The Google and Live results show the same count for .net and .org, which is unlikely. Yahoo’s results are quite different and more likely to be accurate.

The webmaster of the day had placed a client-side JS “location.replace” statement in index.htm of the .org, but that should be invisible to the spiders, right? There is no meta refresh in the page or a 301 via other means. The .org page returns a 200 header response, as it should.

Why are G and L showing the same indexed page counts for .org and .net?
Please comment.

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