Google CPA, Meet Google Checkout

I was reading a CNET blog post Google deems cost-per-action as the ‘Holy Grail’ by Stephan Spencer. At the Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference in San Jose, Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of Search Product and User Experience, delivered a keynote in which she talked, inter alia, about the Cost Per Action (CPA) model for advertisers […]

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Google Pay-per-Action Beta Goes Global

One of the hazards of a PPC advertiser is the possibility of Click Fraud. Google is one of a few companies to have tested a Pay-per-Action (PPA) model where the advertiser doesn’t pay for the click, but pays only when the clicker goes to the website and completes some pre-defined action, such as filling out […]

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YAOAACF by San Jose Business Journal

No easy answers for advertisers suffering from online click fraudBy Mark Larson Small businesses are increasingly turning to third party “click monitoring” companies as a way to help prevent being charged for the type of phantom business that recently cost Google Inc. $90 million in an Arkansas court settlement. Nothing new here apart from exposure […]

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MySpace: A Click Fraud Social Network?

IncrediBILL’s Random Rants: MySpace: A Click Fraud Social Network? Check out my fellow WW member’s post exposing major web properties such as Blogger and YouTube for apparently ignoring posters who encourage clicking ads. Here are some YouTube posters who encourage clicks.

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AdSense publisher clicks ads on her site; sues Google

Ash Nallawalla

3 September 2006

Click Fraud

Now this isn’t click fraud in the usual sense but a funny story about a woman whose AdSense account was cancelled because she admitted clicking ads on her own site. She mustn’t have read the ToS or heard of the preview tool. The thread in Geek Village is funny too.

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Yet another click fraud lawsuit (YACFL)

Why am I not surprised to read about yet another click fraud lawsuit? This eweek article mentions a proposed class action against Google by one Samuel Lasoff. He seems to be an advertiser but the article talks about aggrieved publishers: “and accuses Google of exposing publishers to click fraud following a breach of contract,” I […]

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Click! Mouse fraud bytes web advertisers

Emma Connors and Mark Jones have written about click fraud in today’s Australian Financial Review. Unfortunately the article cannot be viewed online for free. They write that Nielsen/NetRatings is starting research into this issue in Australia. They are going to look at the behaviour of IP addresses, exactly what I said in the same article! […]

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Baidu accused of click fraud

China Search Engine Watch blogged about a demonstration by advertisers outside Baidu’s Beijing offices: (sic) On August 4, 2006, some advertisers gathered outside Chinese search engine Baidu’s office building and demonstrate against its click faults. From the post boards presented by the demonstrators, it was said that 70% of clicks on Baidu’s paid ads were […]

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Google’s analysis of click fraud detection

This 17-page report from Google’s click quality team makes a lot of sense. Look at the US search engine conference speaker list for the past three years and witness the same names saying much the same things. Most of them represented click fraud detection services. I don’t blame them for promoting their services and I […]

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Blatant invitation to click ads

This was seen two days ago at a publisher site and the AdSense is still showing regular ads. Search for the text you can see in the image and find the URL.

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IAB announces the formation of industry-wide Click Measurement Working Group

It is heartening to read about the formation of a working group comprising the major PPC ad companies including, Google, LookSmart, Microsoft and Yahoo!. They will initially define Click Measurement Guidelines, thereby defining a click. Although this is a start, I’d like to see a consortium of such companies team up with other major […]

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The sun rises in the East (YAOAACF)

eMarketer cites a company that is offering a $495, 27-page report on how much money is being lost to click fraud. I think there is money to be made is by writing about the click fraud threat. Now why didn’t I think of that? At least we agree that there is growing apathy towards CF […]

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